How to eradicate termites in soil

Anti termite other naturally are wearing the remaining water to clean the rice. How to eradicate how to kill termites with residual water cleaning the rice is quite easy, siramsekeliling termite nests with rice water so the termite colony will die.

To eradicate the termites on the ground we need tools help Sentricon, sentrikon itself is divided into two pieces of apparatus in which tool the first is a feeder that is saved on a wall / frame as the path of termites, being a tool to 2 shaped detector termites are planted in the ground. In each there is a kind tool Sentricon tissue which acts also as a feeder termites, the tissue that contains the content heksaflumuron, enzyme metabolism hormones that could choke the growth of termites, and eventually kill the termites. After the tool used Sentricon termite will arrive, consume and distribute it to the whole tissue of termite colonies and eventually the whole colony will die as well as existing in the soil.